Customer quotations

"I received the package today, the two drawings arrived undamaged and are in top condition. They both look stunning and I would say better than the pictures on your website. I am more satisfied and have to give you great praise!"

Jakob L., St. Pölten, Österreich

"My husband gave me a wonderful surprise today. I am thrilled. I had always liked the painting very much. Now it is here with me. It's like you only painted these paintings for me and then they waited for me for a while. I love your paintings and thank you for your wonderful talent, which touches my heart and soul very much."

Daniela K., Michendorf

"All the pictures have arrived safe and sound. At the latest tomorrow, everyone is in their places. Thanks again for the beautiful artwork. "


"I would like to thank you very much for the fast and perfect delivery of the "Apollo". I am simply enthusiastic and think in my mind about where the picture will find its place."

Ralf F., Wilhelmshaven

"I have received the picture :-) As always super packed and a fast delivery. The picture is beautiful, always happy."

Thomas B., Pleinfeld

"The picture has arrived in perfect condition. Thank you! If you ever have something similar in the offer, please let me know."

Ralf F., Wilhelmshaven

"The picture has arrived this afternoon. That has everything worked out super ... The picture is fantastic ... great ... I am totally impressed, I paint myself with watercolor ... so I know how hard it is to do so well."

Helga W., Köln

“Her picture arrived yesterday, thanks to the great packaging, undamaged. In the original - ingenious, the frame also fits perfectly. I also think it was not my last "Zacharias" that I have acquired.”

Ulrich Sch., Bad Salzuflen

"Actually, your picture is priceless ... so beautiful ... so genuine and authentic ... and in this short amount of time. I'm looking forward to the reaction of the recipient. I bought one at that a suitable framework so that it looks completely. Did you again very, very many thanks."

Constance N., Guben

"The package has just arrived today. I looked at the picture equal and like it very much - thank you, it is exactly as I imagine it: the attitude of the finger (near the mouth), the way the hair falls, the clothes they obscured, indicates and shows ... etc. "

Arnezeder O., Pram/Österreich

"My wife and I are looking already longer a picture for our new bedroom. It should not be pornographic, but rather erotic, not with the details, but rather playful, fantasy stimulating. In the Internet I have seen many pictures but none found that this simple presentation corresponds. You have succeeded! Your picture "Burning Passion" hits the nail on the point. We have ordered a canvas print about company Posterlounge and we are very satisfied with the quality. The picture looks even better than it able to the illustrations on the Internet. "

Uwe R., Karlsruhe

"All three pictures have without damage survived the postal shipping. In the next few days, the three will then come to their places. The pictures look absolutely beautiful and I am already looking forward to look at it every day."

André Z., Hanstedt

"The picture has arrived, you have it super packed and everything remained intact. The picture actually surpasses my expectations, it's really very nice. It has already been admired by many. Thanks again for your excellent service. I will definitely recommend you."

Monika R., Furth (Arth)

"You are not an artist ...... but a sorceress. From a small quick photo in bad quality to have such a beautiful drawing arise, actually does not work. But you have made ??the impossible possible. There are only two words for your work: UNIQUE and WONDERFUL. In respect for your skills I say thank you very doll. " "Thanks for the fast shipping of the picture. By your impeccable packaging my ordered oil painting has arrived safely. My joy is very great and it has already found its place in my apartment."  

Constanze N., Guben

"Thanks for the fast shipping of the pictures. Through your impeccable packaging my ordered oil painting has arrived safely. My joy is very great and it has already found its place in my apartment." 

Thomas B., Pleinfeld, Bayern  

"Great, DHL was right there and I had to open the parcel immediately! With lots of love, the painting was packed ... thank you! ... Just as you paint your pictures ... I love it! ! ... wonderful Fr Zacharias ... I am thrilled! The picture is being done as for me, corresponds exactly my imagination."

Stephanie S., Schweinfurt Bayern

 "Your beautiful drawing has just arrived. Thank you very much!"

Matthias D. Olpe

"The artwork has arrived unscathed with me. I've already brought away for frames yesterday. The picture is you well done and we like it well. "

 Peter S., Speyer

"Thank you very much for the wonderful painting! This spiritual work of art makes shine on my soul. I cried from happiness, when it arrived with me. Light, joy, love, truth ... "  

Simone K., Nürnberg

"Today your wonderful painting arrived, and I immediately made ??it into the already purchased frame. It is again just sooooooooooo beautiful. As I already noted, the original is really far better than the scanned preview. I have quite a while sat in front and looked at your artwork and leave on me. How can you put something on paper is always impressive. "

Constance N., Guben  

"Also, my girlfriend is very pleased and spoke of a fascinating picture. O-Ton 'The picture is just wonderful' soft / sweet `, invites you to dream and gives the sight, much perceptible love & warmth."

Alexander Sch., Driburg  

"This angel really radiates love, and excited me immediately. Beautifully painted! "

Sandra N., Wetzlar  

"The drawing is received by me yesterday. The portrait looks very SUPER. The picture I will now framed in a gallery and looking forward when I can hang it up soon."

Jutta A., Altdorf

"The highly anticipated portrait has arrived safe and sound with me. It has become very nice and met all my high expectations. I'm excited! The painting shows 100% my wife. Compliment - you have done a great job here and I want to congratulate you and and sincerely thank! "

Hans S., Ettlingen  

"The picture has arrived safe and sound with us. It has become great, really great. Me and my family would like to thank you again for the great work you. We will definitely recommend."

Dirk S., Weil am Rhein 

"The picture you should see my girlfriend with their dog. As soon as I read advise me of Fr Zacharias, I felt let me in my decision confirmed to make the portrait of her. I and my girlfriend were with the result more than happy. Has become really great."

Thomas I.,Ulm 

"The portrait was delivered to me this afternoon. So I'm really excited and pleased like super nicethe picture looks in real life. Thanks again for that. "  

Jürgen R ., Linz, Österreich 

"Yesterday I got the original drawing. I AM DELIGHTED ... BEAUTIFULLY."  

Tanja F., Ruprechtshofen, Österreich 

"The picture has arrived undamaged today; in Natura much more beautiful! Thank you once again. - Have just picked up the picture framed from the gallery. Now it comes true mega advantage. I think this will be the Kracher for Christma."

 Christian P., Hamburg

"The picture has pleased us again very good, everyone was really excited. Thanks again for that. It has already found a place in the living room."

Britta H., Löhne 

„The painting is very beautyfull again. There is nothing to criticize. I think it is a fitting present for the silver wedding."

Stefanie N., Gehofen

„Thank you very much for the preview of „Jenny". You realized her character very well. We are looking forward to the finished painting very much."  

Annelie P., Zeithain

„The surprise with the portrait was a full success. Our grandparents were very glad and enthused. Thank you very much again."

Sandra R. und Lutz N., Possendorf

„Yesterday was the big day My sister opened the present during coffee time. Laughter and happiness were mixed with tears of joy... She said, she had never got such a nice present before. All of us would like to thank you very much, you did a great job."

Simone M., Gelsenkirchen

„The painting arrived yesterday and it exceeded our expectations, I just can say, it´s really great. Thank you once more for the great painting."

Wolfgang B., Neuberg

„It was a nice birthday-party and the catportraits catches on very well. Tears of joy were shed."

Monika G., Salzwedel

„The painting and the frame arrived safely. The original painting is thousand times better then the photo per mail."

Andrea W., Rheinbach

„The day came when my husband received the painting.You should have seen his eyes, he was very amazed! Totally enthusiastic. He watched it many times next morning and said the hole time: Lunacy, the details, really great,... He didn´t stop to enthuse about it."

Manuel N, Plüdershausen 


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